Frastuoni Monitor Playlist and Into 2021

22 January 2021
Frastuoni - Monitor Playlist | Simona Headshot

And here we are in 2021… after one monumental year for humanity into the next one. Hopefully you’re all hanging in there as best as you can. Despite everything there’s a need on this end to retain some optimism going into this year so let’s get started.

The track “Taking Off The Edge”, from the When Push Comes To Shove album released in 2019, has been included on a very nicely stacked mix by curator Simona Bluette as part of the Monitor Playlist series on the Italian music website, . The mix features other great tracks from notable players in the modern synth scene, including Boy Harsher, Buzz Kull, Minuit Machine, Void Vision, Martial Canterel and more. You can check out these great playlist tracks below.

MONITOR PLAYLIST by SIMONA BLUETTE – FRASTUONI  1) POTOCHKINE – Jumeaux Potochkine (DATA072) by Potochkine   2) KOMPROMAT – Niemand Traum Und Existenz by KOMPROMAT   3) BUZZ KULL – Destination Year Of The Mask by AVANT! Records   4) BOY HARSHER – Run Lesser Man (extended version) by Boy Harsher   5) PIXEL GRIP – Soft Peaks Heavy Handed by…

Although there’s been less Soft Riot activity online, all of this lockdown time has been spent slowly constructing tracks for a future release, as well as a few remixes under wraps, and contributions to some great compilation releases. More news on those latter two items in the coming month or two. So far ideas for around 14-15 new tracks have been laid down but at the moment there’s no rush as any future release would only be considered once there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as far as the pandemic is concerned. Regardless, it gives a lot of time to try new things and really work out ideas. Slowly a vision and direction of these group of tracks is coming together but you’ll just have to wait a while yet. More news as it comes.