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2 December 2020
Soft Riot | Master Tape - square cover
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Nine months into these pandemic times, it gives one a lot of time to try new things and to invest in some interesting projects. Over the years hundreds of hours were spent planning, filming, “acting”, editing and processing music videos for the sake of providing a visual storyline or images for various tracks over a number of albums. It has been fun and a learning experience all around.

Then came the realisation that all of these videos were only really digital entities online, mainly on the YouTube platform, and should get a proper archive, even if only a very limited edition archive, that could be shared with anyone out there that might be interested.

Available now on Possession Records, Master Tape : A Video Collection: 2010-2020 is a limited edition collection of most of the videos released over the last ten years, in a choice of either DVD or VHS format. This release has been created in small batch numbers for both formats, with prep work done to sequence and tie together a total of 14x music videos, 2x short films and other incidental footage into a video package that runs at 1 hour, 45 minutes running time.

It was a bit of a challenge getting these into production, as a lot of the prep-work was done in-house, including getting the final video product into the correct formats — including a playable DVD format as well as hand-duplicating the VHS tapes as not many companies offer that as a professional service in these times.

Both the DVD and VHS formats come with a 32-page colour booklet that contains stills and information from all of the video pieces in the collection. The DVD version is Region 2 (Europe) but can be played on multi-region players. The VHS version is set to PAL standard. Shipping starts around the 09 December 2020 onward.

You can read more about it it here, as well as find links to purchase either format exclusively from the Possession Records online store:


SOFT RIOT | Master Tape
SOFT RIOT | Master TapeMASTER TAPE : A Video Collection | 2010-2020 compiles one decade of video output, including 14x music videos, 2x Possession Records short films promoting When Push Comes To Shove (PSSN04) and The Outsider In The Mirrors (PSSN02) as well as various incidental footage into one compilation of Soft Riot videos that totals in at 1 […]