Cinema Eyes (Version IV) out now on Forbidden Figures compilation

4 December 2020
Cinema Eyes - Version IV - Cover
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Released today, the Forbidden Figures compilation curated by Münster-based, Japanese synth maestro Nao Katafuchi is out today with the purpose of raising funds for legal representation in an ongoing issue he is dealing with; a dispute with a visual artist. There’s an impressive number of musical contributions on this release, 34 in total, including those from artists all over the world such as Madmoizel, Iv/An, Low Sea, Martial Canterel, Psyche, No More, This Is The Bridge, Das Ding, Marcel Wave, Zarkoff, Tilly Electronics, Froe Char, Zukunftstadt (ex-Noi Kabát), Peppy Pep Pepper (member of Mitra Mitra) and many, many more.

It’s a pleasure to help out a friend when it’s needed:

This project is in support of Nao Katafuchi, to help fund legal fees incurred by an injurious legal claim.

The claim relates to footage in a music video made some months ago by a third party. Hopefully this misunderstanding will soon be resolved, as Nao’s attorney is currently working hard to make clear to the opposing counsel that Nao was not involved in the creative process of this video and that he has no connection to the video uploads on the internet.

In the meantime, Nao’s legal fees are mounting whilst this case is being resolved. In response to this, 34 artists have come together in the space of only one week to show their support for Nao. Any purchase of this release will go towards helping Nao cover the cost of the mounting legal fees incurred.

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A re-worked version of the track “Cinema Eyes”, the original version on the 2013 album Fiction Prediction, has been contributed for this release. Additional recording and production on this new version done in segments between August and November 2020, with the original intention to revisit some older Soft Riot tracks and re-work them to better reflect how they’re performed in more recent live shows. This new version, entitled “Cinema Eyes (Version IV)”, also includes a video, which is also a re-work of the original 2013 music video to keep in line with the “update” approach of this new version.

With this new version of the track, there’s now five versions of “Cinema Eyes” that exist in total, which are covered here:

SOFT RIOT | Cinema Eyes Revisited
SOFT RIOT | Cinema Eyes Revisited“Cinema Eyes” came out mid-2013 on the album Fiction Prediction. There's a number of versions of that track that exist so here's a retrospective.