Soft Riot remixes Hexadiode

29 October 2020
Hexadiode | Controlled Burn — album cover
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Coming out in time for this year’s unique, socially-distanced Halloween is a new compilation album of remixes entitled Controlled Burn for Hexadiode, an electronic/industrial band from Dayton, Ohio. This new release features a remix by yours truly for the track “Brain in 3” as well as remixes by other artists including Skeleton Hands, 6th Circle and more.

The involvement in this remix release comes after a reconnection through the internet with Hexadiode‘s Tim Krug, whom I had met in the mid 2000s when touring through the US in another old band of mine, as well as a somewhat mutually re-introduction through Tim Anderl of Sweet Cheetah PR, also based out of Dayton, who handles some of the US press for Soft Riot. It was great re-connecting after a decade and a half and what a great way to celebrate that than collaborate on some music together.

The album releases in full in the digital format on Saturday, October 31st, of which you can listen to any available previews below as well as order/pre-order options.