The Four and Five Year Anniversary of Two Albums

23 September 2020
Soft Riot - "You Never Know What Might Come Next" LP + "Some More Terror" LP covers
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Today is the anniversary of two releases, both released in past years on 19 September 2015 with the album You Never know What Might Come Next and the other a year earlier on this day in 2014 with Some More Terror.

Being the first release on the French label EXBTN, You Never Know What Might Come Next was the proper follow-up from 2013’s Fiction Prediction, with a noticeable shift in sound and tone, moving from that release’s dissonant, psychedelic electronica into more rhythmic experimental synth-pop territory. Part of this shift in sound was a result of working with a producer on this record, in this case friend and synth-maestro Owen Pratt (of Noi Kabát and Uncanny Valley) at London’s Flesh & Bone Studios. This would be the only record to date where an outside producer and mixer was brought in.

The record was released in two physical formats along with the digital, one being the vinyl LP version containing 8 tracks with a silver and black cover. There was also a limited edition CD version of the album with a full colour cover that included an extra four tracks, one of which being a cover of “We Are The Chopped” by the legendary Canadian prog-punk band Nomeansno. The limited CD is now sold out.

In the time between the release of the two aforementioned releases, Some More Terror was released in September 2014. This recording strays off the trajectory of those two records, presenting a collection of mostly instrumental, soundtrack-inspired electronic compositions — most of them being written in singular “jam sessions”. This album was released in cassette and digital formats on two labels: Desire Records in France covering Europe, it being one of the last releases on that legendary label, as well as Sanity Muffin in the US covering North America. The cassette versions are now long out of print but still available digitally. The sound and composition style on this release would be explored more ambitiously on the recently released Chin Up on Possession Records.

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