Presence Not Absence Compilation

8 August 2020
Presence Not Absence - Volar Records | Cover Art
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Volar Records has just released a new 22 track compilation entitled Presence Not Absence including the Soft Riot track “There Just Isn’t Enough Time II”, from the Taking Off The Edge digital single, which aims to raise funds for Trans BIPOC Housing Assistance. All 22 tracks are from artists released on Volar, which is a a US label that released the albums

Announcing Presence Not Absence – A Benefit Compilation for Trans BIPOC Housing Assistance
Under Trump’s administration, fair housing has been denied for the trans community in this country, and now the administration is looking to deny the trans community access to homeless shelters. This is another in a long list of hateful, vile actions by this administration, and in an effort to help, Volar Records has gathered tracks from various artists, some previously released, some not, some recorded specifically for this compilation. Cassette out late September. Thank you Look at Us Zine for introducing me to some stellar queer & trans BIPOC artists who were willing to lend some music.

All proceeds of the compilation will be donated between San Diego Black Queer Housing House of Resilience & APAIT’s Casa de Zulma Bridge Housing Assistance Program.

Artists include The Uhuruverse, D. Wrex, Eddington Again, Cody Blanchard of Shannon and the Clams, VAGUESS, COED, Ingonoir, ALE MANIA, Blue Zero, Teach Me, Uno Lady, Slaughterhouse, Cat Scan, No No Baby, Susan, Dove Armitage, Tolliver, Public Interest and The Passengers.