She Past Away “Durdu Dünya” Video by Flustervision

8 May 2020
She Past Away | "Durdu Dünya" (Boy Harsher Remix) Video Still
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And another video for the Turkish post-punk band She Past Away by Flustervision has premiered today! It is for the track “Durdu Dünya” which has been given a re-work by the American synth duo Boy Harsher as part of She Past Away‘s most recent release, X, which celebrates ten years of the band making music with many of their classic tracks being reworked by a variety of peers and artists.

Flustervision is a partnership between myself and Glasgow video artist Georgina Penstkart; an creative outlet for video production and other visual treatments. This is the second in a series of videos that have been done for the band, the first being the video for the track “Ritüel” which premiered last month.

Thanks to Marcel Wave for contributing an appearance in this video.

This is the first in a couple of videos that Flustervision is doing for the band, with previous work being done on a number of Soft Riot videos as well as other artists such as Marta Raya and The Tomorrow Syndicate. A porfolio website should be up in the near future, showcasing the work that has been done so far.