A Double Anniversary for Two Releases

3 May 2020
Double Anniversary of two releases: Hyperbolic Masses and Sounds In Alternate Pictures
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Today is the anniversary of two releases, both released in past years on May 3rd with Hyperbolic Masses released in 2012 and Sounds In Alternate Pictures released in 2016 on this same day.

Hyperbolic Masses was the first physical Soft Riot release and slapped together for a crazy little tour with Női Kabát back in the summer of 2012. It contains a number of tracks that would end up being the album Fiction Prediction along with select tracks from Another Drone In Your Head and limited to 75 copies. The release was unique in that all of the tracks are strung together using a lot of film samples from the Soft Riot live show at the time. This release has been sold out for years now.

The second is the remix collection entitled Sounds In Alternate Pictures, released 03 May 2016 — an anthology of mixes done for other artists; something that I did a lot of between 2012 and 2016. This album contains Soft Riot re-interpretations of bands such as Lebanon Hanover, Női Kabát, Celebration, Attrition, Keluar, TSTI, Iv/An (under the I/II name) and more. This release is still available in the store.

SOFT RIOT | Hyperbolic Masses
SOFT RIOT | Hyperbolic MassesThis cassette is a limited edition run, released in May 2012 that contains eight tracks: three released on the Another Drone In Your Head EP plus five tracks from Fiction Prediction, at that point then not released yet.
SOFT RIOT | Sounds In Alternate Pictures
SOFT RIOT | Sounds In Alternate PicturesSounds In Alternate Pictures is an compilation of tracks done by Soft Riot that are versions/remixes of songs by other artists, friends and musicians.