Marta Raya Laurentiustränen Video

15 January 2020
Marta Raya "Laurentiustränen" Video Still
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Over the years I’ve become increasingly more interested in video, channeling this into the numerous videos I’ve done for Soft Riot and Possession Records over the years, as well as perhaps having a strong interest in film in general. It’s an artform that for me bridges the gap between music, film that I’m interested in as well as my years of experience being a graphic designer. Around a year ago I teamed up with local video artist and video effects wizard Georgina Penstkart to do something creative with a partner, mainly as all the music and graphic design I do was a one-person operation and I was craving to work with other people again. Previously that had been playing in bands but I thought I’d try something that I hadn’t done before. We opted to choose the name Flustervision for our video work, the name chosen from a fake film credit used in the Possession Records Short Film 02 video released late last year.

Last year we shot a lot of footage for a video for Berlin-based artist Marta Raya on her visit to play in Glasgow, using locations in the Clyde Muirshiel moors outside of Glasgow as well as a few locations along the Ayrshire coast, including Dunure Castle and Portencross Castle. We also shot footage in the studio on a green screen. This footage was layered and composited together in an initial edit and then treated through a number of Penstkart’s analogue modular video synthesizers.

The video below is for the track “Laurentiustränen” from Marta’s album Reflection, out now on the EINS:ZWEI:ACHT label.