It’s No Laughing Matter (Obscure Dream Version)

8 January 2020
Soft Riot | It's No Laughing Matter (Obscure Dream Version)
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We’re into the first month of the new year and here’s a free download of a track for those interested!

When I write songs there’s occasions when the original ideas split off and become multiple versions of one song. In most cases only one of those versions ever get completed and released. The track “Cinema Eyes” from 2013’s Fiction Prediction is an exception, where three versions eventually got released. Perhaps some other versions of songs will surface one day.

The track “It’s No Laughing Matter” from the latest album When Push Comes To Shove however is a track that I opted to do a different version of, mainly as I took a slowed down sample of the intro of that track to be used in segments of the 15 minute long Possession Records Short Film 02 that premiered back in November. That segment got a druggy, almost vaporwave treatment to simulate zoning out on the couch navigating through bargain-bin DVD menus at three o’clock in the morning.

From there I got invited to do a screening of various films and music videos I’ve done for Soft Riot and Possession Records at a small event here in Glasgow in December called “Voidamol”. For that event I took that slowed down loop and fleshed it out into a 15-minute long track of “muzak” for the background.

In the end I worked the ideas on that 15-minute long track into a final version at over 6 minutes long, re-recording a lot of the instruments and getting MM Lyle of Marcel Wave / A Terrible Splendour to redo some of my vocals from the first original version, resulting in this “obscure dream” version of that track.


Download Free MP3

Possession Records Short Film 02