Soft Riot’s “Kick The Habit” Remix for Alice Hubble

4 November 2019
Alice Hubble - Kick The Habit
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Alice Hubble‘s “Kick The Habit” single has now been released on the UK label Happy Robots, including a reworking of the title track by yours truly. The Italian synth/post-punk mag White Light/White Heat premiered the single:

WL//WH Premiere: ALICE HUBBLE "Kick The Habit" single [Happy Robots Records] - WhiteLight//WhiteHeat
WL//WH Premiere: ALICE HUBBLE “Kick The Habit” single [Happy Robots Records] – WhiteLight//WhiteHeat Hubble is the project of London-based Alice Hubley (formerly Mass Datura, Cosines and Arthur and Martha), composer and vintage synthesizer enthusiast. The debut album ‘Polarlichter’, released in September, with unanimous praise, layered with analogue synthesisers and mellotron,  is majestic, and sweeping, offering introspective soundscape of pastoral solace, far removed the urban sprawl in which it was conceived. Following the delicious debut ‘Goddess’, the second single, ‘Kick The Habit’, offers her distinct take on the 70’s glam rock sound. Part Goldfrapp, part Suzi Quatro, ‘Kick The Habit’ was written after Alice finished a tour supporting Canadian band…

Also on the new single, are three remixes. Canadian synth artist Soft Riot injects an atmospheric darkwave slant, like The Cure fronting a synth-band band. Happy Robots label-mate Rodney Cromwell pumps up the glam rock adding a touch of Add N To X, Fat Les or ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. The final mix by Spaceship takes the track on a darker excursion – akin to 90’s Numan with 303 synths injecting a touch of acid house.

You can preview and buy/download the single from BandCamp here: