Interpolation by This Is The Bridge out now

15 September 2019
This Is The Bridge - Interpolation | Cover
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Brick is red! Today, September 15 sees the release of This Is The Bridge‘s 4th physical release on Ivan Antunovic’s 0.5 label, in the shape of an album that is a collaborative effort with numerous friends and artists, including a some saxophone contributions by yours truly of Soft Riot. The main “creative director”, Richard Anderson, is also joined Sasha Mouton, Cerrie Osborne and Iv/An (Ivan Antunovic), joining their forces as a powerful quintet.

The album “Interpolation” (X2) features 8 songs – some of which are revisited and exclusively remixed from This Is Bridge‘s many digital collections, while some are exclusive to this release altogether.

A limited micro-edition will feature an exclusive 3″ single “Extrapolation” (X2.30), featuring the single mix of one of the album’s songs – “What You See Is What You Get”, accompanied by a non-album song, “At The Heart There Is A Void (Panoramic Mix)”.

“Interpolation” took a few creative years to make, initially considered in the form of an EP. The song which kickstarted the idea – “Polar Opposites”, has been around for a year now, appearing on many virtual friends’ favourites lists. Throughout time, the idea expanded further from initial EP form into an 8-track album that now appears before you, and for your listening pleasure. Some of the songs are remixed from the original versions that appear on This Is The Bridge’s many official digital collections, thus given a slightly new shine for this specific release, while some others haven’t been previously released.

You can listen to, preview and by the album below through BandCamp.

As for my own story? I’ve been in communication with both Richard Anderson of This Is The Bridge and Ivan Antunovic for a better part of a decade now, we all having a mutual appreciation and love of each other’s music. With Richard in the home counties of London and Ivan all of the way over in Croatia, a lot of this communication was done online but with the great experience of getting to meet them in person over the years. Both artists are fantastic, passionate and well worth checking out. Perhaps there will be some further collaborations in the future. I hope so.

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