The Merging Of Stores & Lists

22 July 2019
Soft Riot / Possession Store & List Merge | Main Image
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The Summer Solstice Sale 2019 is now over, and with that there’s been some consolidation going on behind the scenes. First off, the current Soft Riot back catalogue at in the online store is now completely available in the Possession Records online store: . This allows for music loving fiends to have a bigger selection of records to buy for their order, especially as Possession will be putting out new releases soon.

Secondly, the Soft Riot mailing list now connects to the Possession Records mailing list, streamlining everything into one mailing list. Same information but all from one place.

So there you have it, Soft Riot releases and the mailing list now merged together with Possession Records and its online store. Some more news on that coming in the near future.