A New Video Collaboration

16 July 2019
Tomorrow Syndicate "Stranger In Space (Partrs I & II) - Video Still
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Over the last 3-4 months I’ve been involved in a new creative collaboration with Glasgow video artist Georgina Penstkart, working as a video production team with the aim of producing music videos and other interesting video content. Having created a number of the Soft Riot videos over the last few years, it’s been a good opportunity for me to work with someone else in a social context and working in a realm that I’m still somewhat unfamiliar with.

Our first project was to produce a video for Glasgow psych/synth/rock band Tomorrow Syndicate, for the track “Stranger In Space (Parts I & II)” to be released on their upcoming mini-album Citizen Input on the UK label Polytechnic Youth. We shot the band and most of the source footage in one day, followed by a number of sessions of editing and treating the source footage, and then running it through an array of analogue video processing gear in Georgina Penstkart’s studio.

Further videos are in the works for this collaboration, which is still yet unnamed. Check out our first video below!