0.5 is X – Anniversary Special

1 July 2019
0.5 | 10th Anniversary
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0.5, a label run by Ivan Antunonic (Iv/An), has recently created a great mix from a selection of artists who had appeared in 0.5’s catalogue in the first decade of its micro-operation. Featured music and noises by kind courtesy of Soft Riot along with a number of other great artists including Alone In Heaven, Női Kabát, Rema-Rema, Mutandini KarlMekanismo Va Morir, Simon Fisher Turner, I/II, Videododir, Popsimonova, Zarkoff, Split Personalities, This Is The Bridge, Peter Hope, Cornelius Berkowitz, NNNF, Colin Lloyd Tucker, Iv/An, Hemendex, The Fall Guy, Ilegalne Emocije, Mo-Du and Microslav.

Listen to this mix below: