Drama Emperor “Awake” (Soft Riot Remix)

27 March 2019
Drama Emperor "All Of These Days" Album Cover
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In late 2017 Soft Riot was asked to do a remix for the popular Italian post-punk/wave band Drama Emperor for one of their tracks off their latest LP, All Of These Days. I was acquainted with them through my time spent playing shows in Italy as we were both connected through the Italian booking agency, R7. At the time I was on a break from doing remixes, having done many in the previous years. A first version of a remix for their track “Awake” was completed in early 2018 and then revisited late in the year as there were plans to release it in the new year.

“Drama Emperor’s Awake (Soft Riot Remix)” has now premiered through the renowned Italian music publication Flux Webzine: “The Soft Riot remix for “Awake” highlights the maximalist approach to synthwave music chosen by this Canadian musician.”

You can listen to the remix here:

This is one of many remixes that were done over the years, a lot of those compiled onto a compilation release called Sounds In Alternate pictures that you can preview and purchase here.

Cover art for “All Of These Days” by Italian illustrator Michele Rocchetti.