“Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen” Video Premiere

3 July 2018

Thanks to The Skinny for premiering the video for the track “Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen”, which is now available for viewing as of today! This is the fourth track from album The Outsider In The Mirrors which was released earlier this year on Glasgow’s Possession Records. It is a continuation of the ongoing “alternate TV channel” theme from this record, the first being a informational film about the album and the second for “The Eyes On The Walls” which was premiered on post-punk.com.

“I’ve been fixated on this idea of putting the music into a video format that makes the viewer seem like they’re cutting into some budget, almost cable-access TV channel, complete with its own adverts and programmes, just as news investigative reports. I’m a bit of a film buff as well – being in a world where we’re constantly around this sort of thing, even if you don’t watch TV, we’re constantly seeing these kind of segments in our social media feeds and what we digest online.”

You can order the album direct from the Possession online store or the Soft Riot online store, as well as select distributors worldwide.

Soft Riot premiere: Waiting for Something Terrible to Happen - The Skinny
Soft Riot premiere: Waiting for Something Terrible to Happen – The Skinnyhttps://www.theskinny.co.uk/music/new-music/soft-riot-waiting-for-something-terrible-to-happen-video-premiereWatch the new video for Waiting for Something Terrible to Happen by Glasgow-based Soft Riot.