Organised Chaos: Hausfrau talks to The Skinny about Possession

2 February 2018


Claudia Nova (Hausfrau) had a chat with The Skinny recently about our label Possession Records about how it started, future plans and our love for bad sci-fi and Unsolved Mysteries:

Glasgow’s music scene is one that we’re all very aware of and proud of as a nation – it’s testament to the bazillion artists, promoters, DJs and venues working tirelessly every day that make the scene what it is. What makes it all the more exciting is that there’s always something new on the horizon; a new group of friends making music together, running a club night together, or in the case of Claudia Nova, Andy Brown and JJD, setting up a brand new label together.

“Andy and I have known each other for years,” Nova tells us. “We met around the time he was in Divorce and I was playing in my first band, Aggi Doom. I met Jack (JJD) a few years ago when he was living in Sheffield and running a club night called Der Hammer. He booked my solo project Hausfrau to perform. We stayed in touch and ended up doing a European tour with [his band] Soft Riot, Hausfrau and Uncanny Valley from London.

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Photo by CJ Monk