And here it is… The Outsider In The Mirrors

19 September 2017
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The next Soft Riot album unveils itself today! It’s called The Outsider In The Mirrors and is to be released this autumn on Possession Records, a Glasgow-based label run by JJD along with friends Claudia Nova (Hausfrau) and Andy Brown (Ubre Blanca). It will be available in digital, vinyl, compact disc and cassette formats.

You can check out more information on this record here as well as take a listen on the preview below. A short promotional film about the album can be watched further down with further, full music videos coming soon for this record.

Pre-orders for this record start in November with shipping following a short time thereafter. The official release date will be announced soon but will be very early into the new year of 2018. Visit the Possession site for more information on that.

“The Outsider In The Mirrors” Promotional Film