Vinyl version of new album shipping now

23 September 2015
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Soft Riot | You Never Know What Might Come Next | LP coverOut officially on September 19th on the Paris-based label EXBTN Records, the vinyl version of the newest album You Never Know What Might Come Next is now available for ordering and shipping on their website. Copies of the record will soon be available in the Soft Riot store as well.

The vinyl version features the artwork in silver and black ink as well as a digital download code for the album. The digital version of this album is of course available, along with the limited edition CD of the album which will soon be out of stock.

You can play the album on the player below and buy your copy from there.

Here’s an in-depth feature on the album on the UK music blog Friedrichstrasse:

Friedrich Strasse: Soft Riot-You Never Know What Might Come Next

Friedrich Strasse: Soft Riot-You Never Know What Might Come Next“You Never Know What Might Come Next”…further develops and fine-tunes Soft Riot’s evolving minimal, atmospheric sound that started gaining momentum on the…

Finally, Soft Riot will be out playing shows in the UK and Europe in the fall, starting with dates in Sheffield for the Sensoria Festival and then in Paris with the legendary Parade Ground. In November there’ll be a week-and-a-half long tour of the UK and Europe with friends Uncanny Valley (Owen from Noi Kabát‘s new band) and Hausfrau from Glasgow. Check out the Live Events section for more details.

If you would like Soft Riot to perform in your city, please get in touch.