Download “The Music Of Other People” Remixes

10 December 2014
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It’s coming to that time of year where things slow down quite a bit. The weather is brisk, cold and biting and we all tend to hole up and re-focus for the coming new year. I’ve been spending a lot of time preparing things for 2015, including a new record. So while we take “five” over the holidays, here’s a chance to download all the Soft Riot “version” remixes that have been created over the last couple of years. This opportunity to download any of the tracks off this link will be open until the evening of December 24th so feel free to check it out.

Within contains remixes by Lebanon Hanover, Attrition, TSTI, A Terrible Splendour, Keluar, Babe Rainbow, Női Kabát, Split Personalities (I/II), Window Twins, Hoover and more…