The Month Of June, Shows, Split Personalities and Heading North

12 June 2014
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Soft Riot @ Gothic Pogo Party | Photo by Christoph Kaffee
Live at Gothic Pogo Party | Photo by Christoph Kaffee

Back after a very intense cluster of days in Leipzig at the Gothic Pogo Party festival, a big thanks goes out to the organisers for their efficiency and endurance, as well as the bands Paradox Sequenz, Lola Kumtus and of course, the energetic and enthusiastic Robert Görl! Many familiar faces were seen as well.

And also thanks to those who showed up in London on the 5th for Soft Riot’s dual bill with Vancouver’s Terror Bird. The next London show will be at Corsica Studios on the 26th of this month playing for the night Garçonne. Also on the bill are London’s Krista Papista as well as Berlin’s Crime. This night will be a pre-Pride event and with a nice crowd so there’s a looking forward to this one. More information here: Boy. Other. All. >> Garçonne LIVE << This (pre-Pride) edition of Garçonne is going to be very special….. Opening earlier at 8pm, the first part of the evening…

This will be Soft Riot’s last show with London as a homebase. In July the whole studio and roots move up to Sheffield — a new place to call home! There’s many reasons for this, which perhaps will be outlined later but there’s much anticipation for these new surroundings. Soft Riot’s first show in this new city will be at the Redhouse venue on July 25th, again with Terror Bird as well as Jan Doyle Band from Doncaster. More information below: JULY 2014 SOFT RIOT TERROR BIRD JAN DOYLE BAND… with DJs Ladyboy (A Terrible Splendour, Marcel Wave) + JJD (Soft Riot) Synthpop • Minimal • New Wave • Post-Punk • Coldwave…

Herzinfarkt is the moniker of a new night that a group of us are looking to start up in Sheffield. More information on that to come soon enough.

Finally, a new remix for Zagreb’s Split Personalities will debut this Friday on the Soft Riot SoundCloud. This remix is to be included on a retrospective of Split Personalities’s musical output. This project is the brainchild of Ivan Antunovic of the Half Releases label and the affiliated Small Doses zine.

The track is called “Top Of The Pops” and you can listen to the original here:

That’s it for now, although there’s a realization that the ordering of the news is different than in the title. Oh well. In the meantime, stay cool out there.