Soft Riot remixes Keluar

17 April 2014
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This past fall Soft Riot was asked by friends in the Berlin duo Keluar to remix one of their tracks from their first EP, Ennoea, released on Desire. Choosing the track “Cleo”, it was reworked into something new but continuing some of the same atmospheres of the original. After being archived for several months awaiting a release date, this remix is available on the self-titled CD, Keluar, compiling the Ennoea and Vitreum EPs. You can also check out the remix on SoundCloud below:

dsr102 | Keluar | Keluar | desire

dsr102 | Keluar | Keluar | desire CD ‘EPS’ compiles both ‘Ennoea’ and ‘Vitreum’ EPs with 2 unreleased remixes by Soft Riot and Distel.