Merci Beaucoup To You

24 February 2014
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Having been back in London for around four hours now, it seemed like a proper thank you was in order while still riding high on the fumes of a few fantastic days out on tour in France and Belgium with Női Kabát. A massive thanks to Coco and the Romance Moderne crew in Brussels, along with Café Central for the hospitality. Thanks to Rebecca, Agathe, Mateo and the Le Klub folks in Paris for a fun night that left us completely satisfied and drained of energy (in a good way!). Thanks to Nicholas, Isaure and the DMA Gallerie folk in Rennes for a packed and crazed night. It was a a grand trip. And of course Dee, Jonas and Mark for the grand times on the road. See some of you again in May! A selection of photos from the trip below. Credits to Rob DSOAudio, Anna Bat and Karen Bach for some of the live photos.