Warmer Climes and Other News

5 November 2013
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First off a big thanks to the crew and DJs at Waveform Moscow for putting on a wonderful night a couple of weeks back. It was a great show to play and I met a lot of great people, including Oleg from Other Voices Records! Everyone I met was very laid back and open minded, a contrast to the politics of Russia at the moment. An extra thanks to DJs Montmorency and Eau Des Eaux for the place to crash and gawk at the “synth museum” in their flat, as well as introducing me to a lot of Russian synthpop. A thanks to Mika Shlimmer for introducing me to a lot of newer Russian post-punk as well.

The blog Warmer Climes invited me to do a long Q&A with them about my top 10 songs. They wanted long, in-depth answers so they were provided with 10 tracks plus 3 extras — all with a story behind them. Some are longtime favourites and others are things I’ve been listening to lately. Artists featured in this piece include Jawbox, Keluar, Scritti Politti, U.S. Maple, Mathew Jonson, Bauhaus, Primadonna, Rush, Fad Gadget, György Ligeti, Dangerous Boys Club (DBC) and Second Layer. You can read the whole piece below:

Warmer Climes

Warmer Climeshttp://warmer-climes.blogspot.ro/2013/11/warmer-mixtapes-902-by-jack-duckworth.htmlWARMER MIXTAPES #902 | by Jack Duckworth [Soft Riot] of Savage Furs, Primes, Winning, Radio Berlin, A Luna Red, The Measure, Heavy Party and Forgotten 1. Jawbox | Dreamless In…

A digital single on the US online label Everything Is Chemical will see the light of day in the early months of 2013. This single will contain two outtakes from the Fiction Prediction sessions. There will be more details on this release closer to its actual release date.

And rounding up this bit of news: there is work underway this month doing remixes for Attrition and Celebration — both great bands. Attrition is one of the UK’s flagship experimental “darkwave” groups, getting their start in 1980! Soft Riot is reworking the track “One Horse Rider” from their recent album The Unraveller of Angels. Celebration are a psychedelic art-rock group from Baltimore who have released two albums on 4AD, their latest releases coming out on their own label, Electric Tarot.

Oh — and a new video for the track “Your Own Private Underworld” is underway. That’s it for now.