Moscow, Small Doses and More

2 October 2013
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Waveform Moscow, October 2013, PosterAs part of a showcase being put on by Other Voices Records, Soft Riot is playing a one-off show in Moscow later this month for Moscow’s synth/wave night Waveform. More information on this event can be found here on Facebook. Copies of Fiction Prediction will be available in CD and Cassette format, and I’ll have a chance to meet some people I’ve been corresponding with in Russia for a while and find out how it is to live there in these weird times.

In the meantime check out the newly published issue of Small Doses. This issue contains a split feature with both Soft Riot and Női Kabát that comes with a CD containing exclusive tracks from both bands, including “Cinema Eyes (Soft Riot’s Small Doses Version”) not available anywhere else. There is also Soft Riot’s re-working of Női Kabát’s “Seeds of Time” included on this CD as well. You can read the feature below. If you wish to obtain a hard copy of this magazine, contact Small Doses through the same link.

Fashion tricks and politics | Small Doses #5. 10-12/13.

Fashion tricks and politics | Small Doses #5. 10-12/13. overload is a double-edge sword. No matter how much you try and get into something, there is always more and more of it pleasantly distracting, patiently lurking from the shadows. Which…

Remixes for two Desire Records artists, TSTI and Keluar, have been completed and production on remixes for Celebration (4AD/Friends Records) and Attrition are to go into production soon. Soft Riot will be releasing a limited edition cassette of more soundtrack/ambient sounds on the US label Sanity Muffin in the near future. New material as a follow-up to the recently-released Fiction Prediction is in the initial stages of production as well.

What else? This fall will remain relatively quiet for live performances but there are plans for early 2014 for shows in UK and Europe. More information to come on that as it’s confirmed. Exciting times ahead.