The Measure Demos on Exclaim!

8 March 2013
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After being put up in the JOURNAL section of this website last week, the national Canadian music newspaper Exclaim! has written a short news flash about The Measure. This was a short lived post-hardcore band around from summer of 1997 to summer or 1998 containing a young (19 years old) me and a cast of other Vancouver alumni musicians. These nine songs feature some herky-jerky Monorchid/Jesus Lizard/Birthday Party style compositions that shine through the murky, noisy and claustrophobic recording that was only released on a short run of cassettes. The short feature can be found here:

The Measure -

The Measure – ‘Nine Songs 1997’ • Music / Video • exclaim.ca ex-pat Jack Duckworth is currently crafting tunes for his dark electro project Soft Riot, reportedly working on a follow-up to his debut LP No Longer Stranger, but the London-based musician…

The full post about this release as well as the downloadable MP3s can be found here:


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