29 November 2012
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Earlier this year Soft Riot embarked on a whirlwind tour of several cities with a small gang of good friends in the London group Női Kabát (and Rishi Shah from Pavlov’s Children). It was an exciting ride, if doubled by the intensity of some of the late nights, long drives, occasional obstacles but moreover great shows, great crowds and amazing hospitality. I had the opportunity to watch Női Kabát do their thing numerous times on the trip and got familiar with their material, most of which is still in the gestation state in their crazy lab of a studio.

With their initial release of the “cass-single” (when was the last time you heard that term?) of “I Corrode/Seeds of Time”, I was asked to a “version” of the latter. After busy summer finishing off mixing and coordinating upcoming albums, I can now final present this version as a FREE download. Please share responsibly and thanks for your support.