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The re-release of “No Longer Stranger” is now available through Volar Records in vinyl format. This release will include a digital download and available for purchase as a stand-alone digital download. This recording was originally released in early 2011 as a 6-track digital-only release on Panospria Records and is now being offered with two additional tracks through Volar. First pressing of 150 on green vinyl!

Volar Records — PREORDER Soft Riot--No Longer Stranger LIMITED COLOR LP

Volar Records — PREORDER Soft Riot–No Longer Stranger LIMITED COLOR LPhttp://volarrecords.bigcartel.com/product/preorder-soft-riot-no-longer-stranger-limited-color-lpSoft Riot–No Longer Stranger, the debut LP by the UK-based atmospheric synth-pop one-man project. Preorder limited color green vinyl, 150 copies, mailorder only.