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Hard copies of the VEXXED/SECTION 5 split zine are no longer available. A 60+ page fanzine that is a joint publication JJD and writer/poet Robert Monk, this publication features collages, writings, and illustrations from both contributors. Whether or not this will be republished in a physical format is to be seen, but this out of print zine is now available for the time being as a digital flip book that can be viewed online through Issuu:


The studio is on fire… metaphorically that is. Newer tracks for the upcoming LP are completed (minus a few overdubs) and are to be mixed. These are 4 tracks not on the Hyperbolic Masses cassette. The final tracklisting should be coming in the near future.

The NO LONGER STRANGER vinyl/digital re-release is in the making as well. This will contain two extra tracks not on the original Panospria release. News on both of these items will come as it all falls into place, one stone at a time.