26 June 2012
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After numerous days, thousands of kilometers on motorways, many new faces, new cities and late nights, SOFT RIOT is back in London after a whirlwind 4-date tour with N?i Kabát. The shows in Berlin, Budapest, Prague and Vienna were fantastic and thanks to the promoters, hosts and attendees who came or helped both acts out.

Some additional photos or videos will likely materialize on this site or the Soft Riot Facebook page in the coming days/weeks/eons.

The photo to the left is Soft Riot performing live in Budapest at the Toldi Klub. It was shot by the talented György Cserkúti. More photos of his can be found at www.facebook.com/cserkutiphotography.

Below is some footage of the track “A Simulation” (to be included on the upcoming No Longer Stranger re-release) shot by Maria Ostermann in Vienna at Future Echo.

Thanks again and much love and respect. Let’s do it again sometime.