2 March 2012
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You Indie Feature: Jack Duckworth of Soft Riot

Truth be told, Jack Duckworth has been a long time friend of YouIndie.  That said, he and his projects have also been a prolific source of music that has shaken me to the core for over a decade.  Formerly of A Luna Red, Primes, and Radio Berlin, Duckworth struck out on his own in 2011 with Soft Riot, a solo project producing darkened drones, dread-dripping soundscapes and throbbing electronic rhythms.  With No Longer Stranger, which he offered for free via the internet, Duckworth delivered inspired, albeit creepy, electronic music that still raises the hair on my arms.

On February 24, Soft Riot’s latest EP, Another Drone In Your Head, was released via Tundra Dubs.  Not only does it deliver more of Duckworth’s striking work, but it also features remixes by electronic music heavies Funerals, Chris Flatline, ?AIMON, Babe Rainbow and William Winslow-Hansen.  We recently caught up with Duckworth to discuss his influences, the origins of Soft Riot, the status of Savage Furs and more.  Here’s what he had to say…