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In this month of February 2012 there are number of things happening. First, Soft Riot 38mm badges will be available for purchase. You can pre-order them now through the new STORE page or you can pick them up at any one of the upcoming shows in the UK and mainland Europe.

A lot studio work going on this month. A remix for Babe Rainbow (Warp Records) has been completed and should be public sometime soon. Another re-working of a track has been done; this time in the field of video game soundtracks, and a classic one at that. Just finishing up is a re-w0rking of incidental music by Hiroki Kikuta from the classic Squaresoft RPG game The Secret of Mana – a track called “The Holy Intruder” – will be released this spring on an upcoming compilation on the Aural Sects label. Again more information on that to come but here’s the original “loop” of the music at the bottom of this announcement.

Finally, the “Another Drone In Your Head” EP is about to be released. All of the remixes from the artists are now in and previews and places to purchase will be announced here soon.