12 October 2011
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As indicated cryptically above there are some SOFT RIOT live performances coming up. You can view all of the details in the LIVE EVENTS section of this website. A lot of newer material will be played from a new collection of songs under the banner HYPERBOLIC MASSES, which more information on that will be coming in the near future.

New footage has been shot for an additional promo video for the No Longer Stranger track “You’re Not From Around Here” which should be debuting in the coming weeks.

A couple of additional compositions are in the pipeline for a compilation based on classic video game soundtracks (interesting…) and a remix or two.

Finally, a digital single will be release on the label Everything Is Chemical in the coming months as part of an ongoing virtual 7″ series by the label. The two tracks will be a remake of a very old (5+ years) Soft Riot song that was never released, as well as a cover song.