26 October 2011
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Ah, 2012. Those digits alone look monumental with attachments to the cryptic Mayan calendar and also pre-dating the fictional storyline to the album 2112 by  Rush by one hundred years. Whatever events this four digital number may entail, a small fraction of good news is that a new Soft Riot extended single, entitled “Another Drone In Your Head” will be coming out on the new label home of Tundra Dubs, a new San Francisco label that has been gathering steam over the last year with releases by Funerals, ΔAIMONI††, Black Jeans, et al. Expect a January/February 2012 release date which will come soon.

This release will be a start of more music to come in 2012, released in a digital format with three new tracks plus remixes by various artists which will be announced soon as those details are being worked out behind the scenes at the moment. In the meantime, if you’re in the London UK area, there’s a couple of shows coming up that you can come to and get sucked into by viewing the LIVE EVENTS section.