18 October 2011
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The track “Your Secret Light Shines At Night” has been included on the latest Synthematic mix, which is administered and curated by the folks behind the fantastic Burning Flame blog. Here’s the track listing below:

Selebrities-Secret Garden
Mania– Guilty Party
Gina X Performance– Plastic Surprise Box
Vivabeat– Man From China
The Associates– A Severe Boat of Career Insecurity
Simple Minds– Twist/Run/ Repulsion
Ian North– Remember My Name
Silk Flowers– Frozen Moments
Fad Gadget– For Whom The Bells Tall
Claps– Until Today
Soft Riot– Your Secret Shines At Night
Solid Space– New Statue
Montage Populaire– Separate Frames
Cube– Concert Boy
Rome Void– A Girl in Trouble

Synthematic 006 by burningflame