7 July 2011

The skulking behemoth that is Soft Riot, one JJD (me) behind stacks of hodge-podge equipment is safe and sound with two shows into the year 2011. I’d like to thank all you fine people in London for coming out and the fellow artists, musicians and disc jockeys I’ve played with. The shadow-y storm is still moving forward as I’ve got a few additional projects and live performances coming up. In August I’ll be in Berlin playing Brave Exhibitions. I’ve actually added a separate LIVE EVENTS section so you can get some more information about these events.

Aside from that there’s new material being written and without providing to much preliminary information, there’s a soundtrack to a short film that commences this month and moving into August there is the hope of releasing yet another video for a track off of “No Longer Stranger” as the promotional film for “Your Secret Light Shines At Night” has been met with a really good reception.

Moving off into the suburbs of Soft Riot my other project, Savage Furs, are finally finding time to get a bunch of new material up to speed to record and perform live to the masses. Expect forthcoming live shows later this summer or early, early fall.

Finally, I’ve had a few enquiries about the last track on the EP, “Electrolux”… What does the original sound like? Offhand it sounds completely different and in a lot of ways it’s similar. A memorable track from my halcyon days emersed in the post-hardcore scene of the time. The band is Hoover and this is the original track: