4 April 2011

Three years is a long time but some things only get chipped away in tiny little increments during that time. Years ago when time seemed to be more abundant and the inner critic less prominent it was far more common to see me sending numerous hours bashing out strange stories and surreal episodes on a dumpy, beige-coloured typewriter. These days writing the written word isn’t something that comes to me every day and fleshing out the written material for something in a printed format came in ramdom, short bursts. It now being the spring of twenty-eleven the first one is out the door: the first issue of Vexxed is now available as a split ‘zine with Section Five (by Robert Monk).  We’re selling it for a criminally cheap price of £0.50 (exc. postage) and you can order it here.

If you live in London and have a free evening this coming Friday, April 8th, so come on down to the Brave Exhibitions event at The Victoria Dalston in East London. We’ll be selling copies of the zine at the show. More details about this event can be found here.