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PrimesWell, here’s a little mini-series that I’ve started in this little corner of online space for both of you that might be interested. Stashed away on the dustier parts of the several hard drives that I own lay dorment older musical excursions that never made it public. As I was moving items from shelf to shelf I became re-acquainted with the first Primes “s/t” album. This was the first phase of the group in it’s more trashy, distorted, electro-punk phase. Upon listening to the record again only recently a lot of the tracks aren’t as lo-fi as I had them as memorized in my head, especially in today’s musical climate where more and more lo-fi and unorthodox recording techniques are becoming more of the norm, especially as far as electronic music is concerned.

Front and back of the un-released split 12"
Front and back of the un-released split 12″

During the recording and writing of that particular record, Primes took a stab at doing a cover — one of the few recorded covers that I ever did in a band (actually, I can’t think of any other recorded covers that I have done come to think of it). We did an incredibly trashed out and squelchy version of Nitzer Ebb‘s “Let Your Body Learn” with Miss X taking up vocal duties. This was to be on a split 12″ record with another Vancouver synth/electro/punk group at the time called Bakelite. This was recorded along with an album A-side and was ready to go to press. We even had a brief mention on the official Nitzer Ebb site about this particular release coming out. Due to some issues that I don’t remember that arose with the record label, this never actually made it to press and therefore was never actually released. But you know, someone out there might appreciate this more frazzled, haywire version on Nitzer Ebb‘s classic track. So yes, they might. Here it is for download and perusal:

PRIMES “Let Your Body Learn” (2004)


P.S. > The artwork that adorns this post is some of the only remnants of artwork that I have from that point in time.